Apikuni Innovation, LLC is a small-sized consulting engineering company which primarily serves the oil services industry, the consumer products industry, and the inventor community.  
The company was started in Sugar Land, Texas in 2015 by David B. Ayers.   Apikuni Innovation, LLC performs engineering and design services for accelerating and adding value to projects.

 Engineering Support

Apikuni Innovation, LLC provides its clients with valuable engineering support services to streamline design, save costs, improve productivity, and increase their competive advantage.


Services offered include:  concept layouts, full engineering design, engineering detail design, file conversions (2D to 3D drawings, between AutoCAD / SolidWorks / ProE Creo, drawing to model-based definition, scanned data to CAD model), patent search and infringement avoidance, patent improvement review, and creative solutions and brainstorming. 

Our multidisciplinary resources have years of  experience in fields such as mechanical, electrical, documentation, patent support, and analysis. 

Apikuni Innovation, LLC offers creative brainstorming and solution generation, patent support (drafting and illustration), patent review and augmentation.


We have helped companies find desired technology and intellectual property,  bringing deals together for further negotiations.